The Story of Spring School

Following the paradigm of last year’s online education, we are starting an initiative across institutions for an educational Bio+Med+Vis platform. The purpose is to build a growing curriculum that will bridge the domains of biological, medical, and biomedical visualization. Study materials from diverse fields in Bio+Med+Vis will be collected at different levels of detail and with varying required preliminary knowledge.

As a starting point, we are organizing the first Bio+Med+Vis Spring School, which offers a set of talks on various visualization subjects from prestigious and established Bio+Med+Vis researchers, addressing different Life Sciences domains. The Bio+Med+Vis Spring School is a unique opportunity for students to meet experts from all facets of our field. The Spring School is primarily targeting the M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in Computer Science, who want to learn more about the principles, the diversity of topics, and open challenges in visualization for Life Sciences applications. It is an excellent opportunity to meet world-leading experts in these domains, and discuss with them within open sessions. The students can also inform themselves about open positions for Ph.D. studies, providing them an opportunity to connect with top visualization teams.

The students can obtain a certificate of attendance, which will be sent upon request. Based on the rules of the student’s home institution, the participant may be able to obtain ECTS points for participating at the Spring School. However, as different institutions have different requirements, it is impossible for us to unify this process. Therefore, we are leaving up to the discretion of the mentor/supervisor to decide granting ECTS for participation at the Spring School.

Spring School Program

Here you can find the detailed program of the Spring School.

Spring School Speakers

We are proud to have an excellent group of speakers for you.


Please register for the Spring School, it is for free. The registration is open until 12th of May.